9 More Months Until Halloween!

The above picture comes from Jamie Lee Curtis’ Instagram feed with the caption, “First shot. @halloweenmovie Halloween 40 years later. Same slate. Same Laurie. David Gordon Green directing from his script. Happy Halloween 2018 everyone. See you all 10/19/18.” Pretty freaking exciting, right? (I’m just going to assume you find this exciting.)

So back in the day, Monster Popcorn was a movie news and reviews site. This would have been something I would have put up and written about with details on the movie and what not. Now, Monster Popcorn has changed, and while I won’t be reporting movie news, there may be an occasional blog about something going on in the film industry that I’m really excited about. Plus, John Carpenter’s Halloween is essential to my love of the horror genre, and to my best recollection, it is my first full-fledged horror movie experience as a kid. Carpenter and his movie has been very influential to me.

With that said, holy shit! I cannot wait for this movie. With the pedigree of a filmmaker like David Gordon Green behind the camera, having co-written the new film with Danny McBride (a curveball sure, but an interesting one), and having John Carpenter back as a producer and providing the score for the movie,… and with Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode… and Nick Castle back as The Shape… I.. AM.. PUMPED (the excited kind, not the Hans & Franz* kind). Oh yeah, did I mention uber-horror producer Jason Blum is backing this one along with Blumhouse Prouductions’ developer Ryan Turek (of Shockwaves podcast)? This new entry is shaping up rather nicely I must say (get what I did there? “shaping up”… like as in The Shape, because Michael Myers is… oh never mind).

With the intent of this film to erase all the sequels and go back to the original and pick up where it left off, but 40 years later, I’m really interested in seeing what Green and McBride (no relation) have in store for us. When another entry in the Halloween franchise could have easily been another cash grab, their involvement leads me to believe this new movie might have something more to it and I’m quite intrigued. And to boot, it’s coming out for the Halloween season. It’s like Christmas.. but scary!

Some may not like the fact that they are essentially erasing all that has happened since the original film (Halloween III: Season of the Witch remains unaffected as it has nothing to do with Michael Myers (and is an entirely awesome movie in its own right)) as can be the case with die-hard fans of any franchise. But as much as I like the sequels to various extents, they have increasingly gotten unnecessarily mythological. So I’m totally fine if I view the sequels as a “what if” timeline, or if others view this new film more as a “what if” should they prefer the series remain intact in their minds. Regardless, your enjoyment of the franchise isn’t going anywhere, no matter what they do with this new movie. You’ll either have a new film to like or one to forget. Personally, I’m really hoping that John Carpenter’s Halloween and Halloween (2018) become my Rocky/Rocky Balboa of this horror franchise, aka, the essential films.


*For your reference: