Welcome to the new MP!

Welcome to the newest iteration of Monster Popcorn!* It’s taken awhile to get here admittedly but I’m really happy with how the new site looks! I’m also excited for the website’s new purpose which is to be a platform for me to release the creative projects that I’m involved with, whether it be short films, podcasts, and who knows, maybe a Monster Popcorn comic (that project is still in flux as of now). One day, I even hope to write a B-movie about monstrous popcorn running amuck and attacking people, but I’m getting ahead of myself..

The name Monster Popcorn has become synonymous with myself in certain circles of my life. I absolutely love horror movies, and I have a great fondness for B-movies, and Monster Popcorn was conceived as a brand identity exemplifying those two things that I love. And while I had a lot of fun creating news articles, movie reviews, and the Monster Popcorn Podcast, the old site had grown away from the vision that I had for it, which was always kind of ever-evolving to begin with. I wanted to refocus and give myself a reason to create new projects that I could use to express myself or just have fun with. So it only felt natural that Monster Popcorn became the extension of that and represent my creative brain.

So in addition to the projects I will link to through the site, I will be blogging from time to time. My intention with the blog element is to discuss my creative process and to update where I’m at with various projects that I’m working on. I may also blog about various things that I get excited about in genre filmmaking. I’m a nerd. I need to express myself. But whether it’s my process, projects or fun stuff, I want to be honest and personal because Monster Popcorn is me. I will struggle, I will succeed, and sometimes I will fail, but no matter what, I just want to be me.

I want to thank everyone that has spent any amount of time on the old site, reading articles/reviews or listening to the podcast. I truly appreciate you indulging me in my efforts to put something out there that I made myself. I’m proud of everything that I’ve done over the years and I’ve met a lot of cool people along the way. The old site isn’t lost though, it still exists for prosperity at monsterpopcorn.wordpress.com. So if you ever have the hankering to see it for nostalgic purposes (which is a thinly veiled way of me saying that for myself) you can go there and then be like, “why am I here again?”

So I hope you take this next step with me, follow along, and see what the future of Monster Popcorn has in store. And maybe, just maybe, you can be an extra in the future Monster Popcorn movie (I’ll also need you to fully fund this venture) and have various body parts eaten by the very food that you eat while watching the movies.

– Ben McBride



*I have to give mad props to two gentleman. Firstly, Mel Dale (@meldalecomics) for creating my logo. He generously gave up some of his time many years ago to give me the logo that I wanted and am very proud to have. Secondly, Philip Yount (@philipyount) who designed the truly amazing artwork you see featured on the website homepage and headers. I asked him to create something that combined my love of Return of the Killer Tomatoes and RL Stine’s Goosebumps. I think he knocked it out of the park. So be sure to tweet at both of them and tell them how great they are.